Designed with an eye for detail.

Every angle carefully measured for an ideal aesthetic. Emphasized by a warm LED light and a gold reflective interior color.

A splash of color.

Available in 4 colors – Imperial Black, Cotton White, Midnight Blue and Medusa Green.

Pick a color

Natural elegance.

An added layer of luxury to that ideal aesthetic. Redesigned to incorporate an elegant piece of nature.

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Veton One - Hero Image Veton One - Hero Image

An elegant charging solution.

A built-in charging cable to simplify the charging process. Beautifully hidden behind its steel door. Compatible with EU electric vehicles (Type 2).

Veton One & Two - RFID Veton One & Two - RFID


With the optional Connect package, we provide additional OCPP compatible hardware to provide connectivity with any OCPP compatible platform, like Mobiflow or E-Flux.

Veton - Branding Hero Veton - Branding Hero

Brand it your way.

Choose for logo engraving and give your Veton One that extra personalised touch. Your logo will be lasered out of the front cover.

How we keep fit.

As opposed to more traditional EV chargers, the components for our chargers are mounted in the electric cabinet inside.

Why? On the one hand, this allows us to keep the charger more compact, maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. On the other, the components are better guarded against natural elements, providing an increased sustainability.

So what's included?

Our chargers are delivered ready for use. No changes to the existing electrical installation are needed. The components can be connected right after the electric meter.

Residual current device, circuit breakers, (mid) monitor and power supply are included, as well as an integrated cable or socket, depending on the choice of charging output.



4G/2G, Ethernet, MQTT, Modbus TCP

Charging specifications

Mode 3 charging capability
3,7kW - 13,5kW

Overload protection

Dynamic load balancing

OCPP compatibility

Connect with provider of choice
Mobiflow / E-flux

Energy monitoring

1 x MID certified energy monitor
Calculation of transaction costs

Residual Current Detection

Built-in Type B RCD
30mA / 63A


1152mm x 154mm x 184mm
H x W x D

Component housing

Built-in utility closet
340mm x 270mm x 120mm


5G 6mm2 + 7 x 0.25mm2 (UTP)
Between components and charger