Meet our models.

Our elegant, sustainable and customisable charging points.

Designed with an eye for detail.

Charging at a maximum power of 13,5 kW, a charging cable extensible up to 5 meters, robust coated steel housing and, most importantly, a stunning modern yet contemporary design. These are some of the hallmarks of our Veton One charging point for residences and businesses.

Veton One - Hero Image
Veton Two - Hero Image

It takes two, baby.

Veton Two harbors the same characteristics as Veton One - Charging at a maximum power of 22 kW, robust coated steel housing and a stunning design that fits in both modern and traditional surroundings. Serving two EVs simultaneously with a compact socket implementation.

Extraordinary simplicity.

Modeled to emphasize a property's exterior or interior walls. Made from the same sustainable materials as One & Two. Charging from a compact socket.

Great and compact alike.

Inspired by the great features that shape Veton One and Veton Two aesthetics, Wall+ combines these characteristics within a compact frame based on Veton Wall. Available with either an integrated cable or socket outlet.