EV charging platforms.

A charging infrastructure for electric vehicles can be established in different ways. Whether it needs to be plug and charge or include settling of costs between parties, Veton® has a solution.

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The simplest way to establish a charging infrastructure is that the owner of the charging point is also the owner of the electric vehicle to be charged, and the owner of the contract with the energy supplier. In this situation, no other parties are involved, and the charging point will simply need to supply energy as soon as a vehicle is connected, and turn off this supply whenever that vehicle is no longer connected (or full).

In the vast majority of alternative situations, the owner of the charger does not own the vehicle and/or the owner of the contract with the energy supplier. In that case, a supplier that can settle the respective costs between the different parties will be called upon. To be able to offer these services, the charging point is connected to a back-office platform from which the supplier can offer these services.

The communication between charging points and these back-office platforms is defined in the OCPP standard (Open Charge Point Protocol). Often, suppliers as well as the parties involved talk about the OCPP platform, instead of the back-office software. With the exception of some closed systems where the charging point manufacturer, operator and back-office are in fact the same company, OCPP is still globally used as standard.

Veton charging points always offer OCPP functionality and are not limited by simlock or certain licenses. The user is free to choose a back-office platform and is free to change the initial choice at a later stage, if required. OCPP connectivity can be configured from the locally available web interface of the controller without intervention of Veton and consists of direct communication between the controller(s) of the charger and the installed platform.

Veton charging points support OCPP 1.6J including smart charging profiles. Software-updates to OCPP 2.0.1 and 2.1 will become available at a later stage as a free download.

Veton has performed integration testing with the largest OCPP platforms that are being used by different providers. Veton can supply pre-configured charging points with a provider of choice, if preferred.

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