Veton® Enterprise.

Because of their robust design and centralized control, Veton® chargers are ideal for larger installations.

Charging cable or socket.

The metal housing accommodates the integrated charging cable or socket that connects to the car.

Ideal for customization.

Integration with building systems. Powder coating in any desired RAL color and/or branding on the front plate.

Ready to go or delivered individually.

Depending on the size of the project, Veton® can offer preconfigured, tailor made cabinets as well as individual, self-mountable (and configurable) charging components (DIN).


By deduplicating certain components, often this approach means Veton® chargers are a cost efficient solution for large scale installations.

Lower TCO.

Simple DIN rail components, functionally separated. Easy to maintain and individually replaceable and upgradeable. Lower Total Cost of Ownership.


A current is only produced when a car is connected and requests electricity. If a collision occurs to a Veton® charger that is not connected to any car, it does not become a safety hazard.


In the event of a collision, it suffices to replace only the housing of the charging station. No need to reconfigure the charging stations or recommission them.

Easy management.

One single web page to manage and configure an entire charging hub.

Open (source) system.

Publicly available and frequently released software updates with new features.

No vendor lock-in.

Freedom of choice in EMS as well as back office platforms. No required communication through Veton® platforms or (paid) license limitations to control your charger.


A maximum of 48 Veton® charging points can be integrated per centrally controlled group. Several groups are possible.

Load balancing.

Integrated static load balancing, or dynamic load balancing via external meter or Energy Management System (EMS). Load balancing on several levels is possible.

EMS independent.

Charging on solar power, dynamic tariffs, peak shaving and AI optimized predictions are just part of the possibilities that can be provided by third-party solutions such as Phoenix Contact’s Mint, Qbus’s Luqas, Loxone or Niko.

Charging services.

Veton® charging points have been integrated with several big CPO and eMSP platforms (such as E-Flux, Optimile and Last Mile Solutions). In principle, they can be integrated with any (open) platform upon request.