Our Story.

Veton. A new concept in the world of EV charging. And (exterior) design. A story about how it all started.

Our characters.

Our journey began in another life, where Jens Téblick and Brend Brentjens were both founders and colleagues of a company specialized in software development, web hosting and bringing life to creative and innovative ideas, where they had met and collaborated with Jan Van Bogaert, who had recently left Alcatel-Lucent as director of Technology Strategy. After a beautiful road of 5 years as CTO and Creative Director, Jens and Brend decided to part ways with the company, and pursue a new project in product development.

The idea.

Where to start, however? That’s where Luc Téblick came in. Luc founded Heatsail, a design company that designs beautiful outdoor heating and lighting products. It was he who sprouted the idea of creating beautiful charging points, following the current evolution of mobility in electric vehicles. A forward looking idea that found a home in the minds of Jens, Brend and Jan. The four of them bundled forces, combining experience and skills in both technology and design, and Veton was born.


A bold idea that deserves a bold mission statement, you might say. Therefore it would only be appropriate to define us as an organisation creating exclusive, elegant and sustainable masterpieces that are top of mind when it comes to electric vehicle charging and exterior design.


While we are still in the early phases of our story, it is never too early to think about what the future might hold for us. We think of ourselves as recharging not only electric vehicles as much as recharging harmony between EV and environment.


A question you might have been wondering about: where does the name Veton come from? While you might suspect it to have been adopted from Norwegian football player Veton Berisha, or expecting a story made up about some divine legend from Albanian folklore, where Veton, derived from ‘vetëtimë’, means ‘lightning’, it was not. However, we might add that that last part is certainly true. While perhaps inspired by lightning, we chose Veton to stand for one thing and one thing only: creating exclusive masterpieces in the forward looking world of electric vehicles and their source of energy.