Load balancing & energy management.

Veton® chargers are compatible with a host of third-party energy management and smart home platforms that help control energy consumption.

Integrations with Veton® charging stations.

Veton® prides itself on being an open platform. We don’t have our own energy management system, but offer a range of third-party systems that offer ready-to-use functionality to optimize energy usage in several different ways, including charging on solar power, (dynamic) load balancing, and peak shaving, to name a few. Curious to see if an integration with your favorite platform is possible? Please let us know.

Qbus: Luqas.

Luqas is a standalone energy management system (EMS). The system understands the energy flows in the home and intelligently controls the heat pump through Smart Grid contacts.

Luqas consists of the following main functions:

  • Connection with smart meter
  • P1 port splitter (3x RJ12)
  • Control of heat pump / boiler via Smart Grid
  • Active Load Balancing of a charging station
  • Reading consumption via pulse counters
  • Control, visualization & notifications via Cloud application (mobile & desktop)

Niko Home Control.

Niko Home Control is compatible with a digital meter. This connection provides insight into energy consumption, the production of solar panels and self-consumption. With the addition of smart outlets, it’s even possible to discover the energy consumption of each individual appliance and identify less energy-efficient appliances or potential problems. The Niko Home app delivers a very detailed overview of this data.


The Loxone Miniserver was developed especially for the professional electrical installer. As central control of buildings & home automation, it manages most of the tasks around safety, comfort and energy efficiency. Due to the openness of the system, controlling and interpreting energy data is possible for a large range of external hardware. However, the system is able to use third-party hardware to achieve proper energy management of an installation.

Define the charging current, start and pause a charging process at any time via the Loxone App, or set fixed charging times to take advantage of a night’s lower rate. To protect the power supply from overloading, the system watches the total current load.

Lifepowr: FlexiO.

By intelligently controlling home battery and charging station, FlexiO reduces energy bills and makes a maximum contribution to the energy transition. It also offers a unique service to generate extra income to balance the electricity grid.

FlexiO takes consumption patterns, weather forecasts and dynamic tariffs into account, allowing users to get the most out the system at any time throughout the year.

The MyFlexiO mobile app provides the ability to consult an overview to see how much FlexiO has helped save so far.

The FlexiO module can be purchased via Veton® and integrated in advance into the provided cabinet.

Xemex: Smart Charge Controller.

The Smart Charge Controller (SCC) is a monitoring and control solution consisting of a device mounted in the local electrical cabinet and an accompanying application.

The charge controller offers dynamic load balancing, peak shaving and charging by using excess solar power.


EVCC is an open source software that consists of plentiful functionalities and can connect directly to cars, PV inverters, batteries and several measuring devices. The software of EVCC can be installed to our charging stations directly. However, support is only available form the community.

Scopt Vision.

Scopt Vision is a brand independent EMS that focuses on smart charging. There are several possibilities, among which charging on solar power, taking capacity charges into account, and a smart auto pilot mode that does everything by itself.

Phoenix Contact: Mint.

MINT is a self-learning and self-managing energy management system that connects and aligns all energy sources with energy consumers and constantly maintains balance on the power grid, all without unnecessary high investments in energy infrastructure.

MINT is ideally suited for large charging infrastructure projects in complex environments.


Vecolux offers the possibility to create an EMS within the KNX building standard with products from Zennio and Weinzierl.
This way you can seamlessly integrate your Veton charging station into your KNX installation. The Weinzierl KNX Modbus TCP Gateway 716 is the Modbus interface that communicates with the Veton charging station.
The Zennio Z50 control panel with remote app can be responsible for visualizing energy data (see image).

With the logic module in Zennio switching actuators, the charging power can be controlled in different levels, depending on PV or grid connection.
For more information or training: https://vecolux.be/energiemanagement/